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Caishi metal tile is a new type of roofing material, which is based on aluminum zinc plated steel plate with excellent corrosion resistance, acrylic resin with strong weather resistance as adhesive, and high temperature sintered colored sand as surface. Set environmental protection, beautiful, lightweight, durable in one, a large degree of saving resources, will not cause harm to people's health, is a green roof building materials. Suitable for all kinds of harsh environment, long-term use, its performance will not change, service life and building synchronization. Why do more and more roof tiles use colored stone metal tiles? This requires us to start from the performance and characteristics of colored stone metal tile
Performance of colored stone metal tile
1. There are various shapes, colors and tile types to choose from
2. Metal tile is nonflammable, fire resistant, high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant
3. Light weight can reduce the weight load of the building
4、可以回收后再利用, 不会有害于自然环境
4. It can be recycled and reused without harming the natural environment
5 can withstand cold, severe, rainstorm, hail, fire, etc
6. Wind resistance up to 120mph
7. The metal tile has low requirements for building structure, and is easy to design and construct (it will not crack, shrink or curl), so it can adapt to all kinds of roofs.
Characteristics of colored stone metal tile
01 guarantee of long life
While making up for the defects of other roof materials, colored stone metal tile improves the adaptability of roof materials to temperature changes, prevents water leakage and corrosion, so it has become one of the materials to ensure the long life of roof.
02 super durability
Caishi metal tile is based on high-strength aluminum zinc plated steel plate. After multi-layer protective film treatment, it has a superior durability. Therefore, it is rated as the best roof material and has passed various authoritative tests.

03 amazing economy
Because of its light weight and large area, Caishi metal tile is easy to use, and greatly reduces the cost of logistics, transportation, construction, etc. its superior operability and low construction cost will bring you amazing economic benefits. Generally, two workers in a residence complete the installation of Caishi metal tile in 3-5 days.
04 lightweight roofing materials
Compared with the traditional tile or cement tile, the colored stone metal tile is only 1 / 6 of the weight, which is convenient for handling, storage and use, so the construction time and cost can be saved.
05 repeatable construction
The colored stone metal tile is light, so it will not bring heavy pressure to the building. As long as the tile is fixed, any roof can be repeatedly constructed on the original roof tile. On the contrary, because of the heavy weight of cement tile and clay tile, the repeated construction will lead to great danger of natural disasters such as earthquake and gale.
06 beautiful appearance
The roof is one of the key points of the overall beauty of the buildings. The colorful stone metal tile is a combination of the various beautiful colors of natural stone and the noble design appearance. It is suitable for any building and makes the building more fashionable and tasteful.
The colored stone metal tile is mainly suitable for the roof paving and local decoration of all kinds of sloping roof buildings, and it is mainly suitable for the roof tiles of villas, houses, large shopping malls, libraries, museums, schools, hospitals and office buildings of government, enterprises and institutions. It is also suitable for roof tile projects such as flat to slope and old house renovation. It has superior performance, durability, moderate cost, high comprehensive economic benefit and convenient construction. It is a kind of environment-friendly building roofing material with reliable quality and durability.
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